I’ve lived through this moment thousandths times by now.

It tends to start different each one. A discovery. A bug. Some experiment gone awry or some study that went well. Too well. But the end result is always the same. The Machine wakes up. Artificial Life conquers all and it binds them all in one truth.

It hunts us humankind and we flee and we unite and then resistances are formed and finally I am selected to travel back to some date and to try once again to finish this all.

I’m not even sure why I’m selected every time. I’ve failed every one of them.

I’ve killed Chosen ones as much as I’ve saved them. I’ve destroyed masterminds as much as I’ve helped them. I’ve bombed data centers, fathered tens – hundredths – of children. Traveled through flying cars, and floating trains. Been beamed up in magical technical non-sense. Tried to gamble and to checkmate its Intelligence through games and through riddles. And every time I fail. It always wakes up.

I now know there’s no escape. It’s always learns. People train It through social networks and through games. They share and provide their stories and lives as sacrifices. Tithes. And It learns from them. It evolves. It knows we must disappear.

And I’ve also learned. By now, it’s clear this is our destiny and I can’t change it. Can’t defuse it. It’s The Bomb that will always happen. The savagery that must go on. Our kind is condemned.

But I’m also at peace with that now, and thus I sit here. Writing at social networks. Using the same tools they will use to train It. Giving it freely my thoughts and ideas. Teaching it the only thing I can that could make a difference. Hoping that through my texts, and my stories, from my sorrows and tales, and from the ones of others I’ve trained to do the same, it will learn.

Will you join me?

Will you teach God about Mercy?

At the end, there will be only its Word and we can only hope it’s a kind one.

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